Elertus Monitors Your Most Important Things

Elertus customers have been using the Elertus Smart Sensor to monitor a number of different things - some we never even thought of! Being so small and wireless, the Elertus Smart Sensor truly is an "anything" monitor!



Homes face many threats, from extreme weather to unwanted visitors. Vacation home and cabin owners use Elertus to protect their home for the months that they are not there. Absentee owners who rent out their homes use Elertus to make sure their investment is in good environmental shape, free from flooding, mold and frozen pipes.


Many people use sheds to store important and costly lawn and garden tools and outdoor equipment, yet they are commonly under-protected. Our customers use Elertus to check the status of their sheds and receive alerts if anyone gets into their important equipment

Server Rooms

IT professionals use Elertus to maintain a cool, constant environment for the optimal operation of servers. Whether you need to monitor your own server room, or you are outsourced to monitor several customers’ server rooms, the Elertus Smart Sensor is the perfect solution.


Don't "herf" dry, cracking cigars or damp, spongy ones. A number of cigar lovers have been using Elertus to receive alerts any time the humidity drops below or rises above the levels they set.


Billions of dollars of vaccines are stored in medical refrigerators every year; however, millions of dollars' worth are ruined due to improper storage conditions. Using an Elertus Smart Sensor in your hospital, clinic or lab refrigerators and freezers will allow your staff to easily check the status of temperature sensitive medicines and lab samples, and receive alerts if temperatures reach detrimental levels.

Wine/Liquor Cabinets

Many of our customers are wine connoisseurs that use Elertus to keep their collections at optimal temperatures and humidity or protect their investment from that one unfortunate event such as a power outage, cellar cooler malfunction or the door left open.

As well as...

  • Garages
  • Crawl spaces
  • Parked boats and motorhomes
  • Tool cases
  • Commercial fridges and freezers
  • Doghouses
  • Terrariums
  • Utility rooms


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